Or are you going to suffer from stress and these terrible symptoms again and again?

Health and education are revolutionized by neuroscience and implications of the brain's plasticity. It would be a shame not to take advantage of these discoveries.

These two methods, called the « Performance Anxiety Neuronal Elimination Process™ » (PANEP) and the « Holistic Pedagogical System™ » (HPS), are based on scientific concepts borrowed from neuroscience (involving brain plasticity). Their effectiveness is proven and demonstrated by modern functional imaging devices (EEG, CT, fMRI, PETscan, scintigraphy, etc.).

The plasticity of the brain simply means that each act of learning modifies the structure of the brain by interconnecting neurones to create so-called "neural links". But I will come back to this topic in a moment.

PANEP provides a real comfort and allows you to stay calm whatever the circumstances. You will experience a great satisfaction and a real pleasure to perform.

Success is guaranteed. You will impress the jury during exams and competitions and always conquer the public during auditions and concerts ... 

Hundreds of musicians, amateurs, professionals, top-level performers have already achieved spectacular results thanks to this method based on the plasticity of the brain.

These results are based on a solid work experience, since I've been teaching for more than 30 years. I have conducted courses, conferences, seminars in France and abroad, such as…

    • Teaching missions in Taipei (Taiwan)
    • Internships at European Academies
    • Conferences at various national and international congress, symposiums
    • Conferences for the preparation of the Certificate of Aptitude for Teaching
    • Seminars for teachers, students, professionals, amateurs...
    • Etc. etc...


You will discover that our mind has incredible powers and can help us considerably when well used, but it can also hinder us terribly.

For example : 

When we think we won't be able to produce an action, our brain sends our nervous system specific messages limiting or suppressing our capacity to obtain this result.

To be more specific, If a musician like you thinks that a musical passage is difficult to play, your brain will send specific messages to your nervous system that will prevent you (involuntarily and unconsciously) from playing this passage correctly, even if you have the physiological abilities to play it with ease. And you must know that this happens ... so that you are in agreement with your own beliefs (hence the importance of beliefs).

I am going to show you that thanks to PANEP, you will be able to modify your "beliefs" and thus free yourself from the limits that you have unsuspectedly created. This will enable you to completely get rid of this dreaded stage fright forever.

You will gain great self-confidence that will empower you to do things you can not imagine being capable of today. You will discover unsuspected new skills.

Note that PANEP ™ is no miracle!

But it will allow you to:

    • use ALL your potential,
    • reprogram your mind to free yourself from performance anxiety,
    • and express yourself instrumentaly, vocaly and musicaly with more spontaneity.

Imagine the relief and pleasure it will bring you.

You probably think I'm exaggerating?

That's normal!

For more than 30 years during my courses, conferences, workshops, etc., I have kept saying:

« I can understand that you are skeptical. If you do not believe me, it doesn't matter, just experiment, it's the best way to be convinced! »

My name is Michel Ricquier,
I am a professional musician and acupuncturist.

At 18 I obtained 2 first prizes at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris and at 20 I got the C.A. (Certificate of Teaching Ability). After that I immediately started teaching. To solve the problems that my students were facing and allow them to improve and master their instrumental technique, I quickly realized the importance of the relationship between the brain and the body in instrumental and vocal performance.

Further studies in psychology, sophrology, traditional Chinese medicine allowed me to open an acupuncture practice a few years later.

I also practiced Yoga for 14 years, Martial Arts (Aikido) for 9 years, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kong...

And each time I acquired some new knowledge, I wanted to apply it to instrumental playing and pedagogy.

This is how I developed
« Holistic Pedagogical System™ » (H.P.S.) and
the « Performance Anxiety Neuronal Elimination Process » (P.A.N.E.P.),
Two methods that enable instumentalists and singers
to improve and master their technique,
while eliminating stage fright completely and forever.

Difference between "real” stage fright
and "small” stage fright.

It's essential for me here to clarify a very important point in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

It's necessary to show the difference between the "real" stage fright from what I call the "small" stage fright.

I was again and again told...

    • that stage fright is inevitable,
    • that we must just "deal with it",
    • that we have no choice and will eventually get used to it,
    • that stage fright is necessary because this emotion will allow us to surpass ourselves,
    • that the greatest artists, musicians, actors ... had stage fright all their lives and that it did not prevent them from having a magnificent career,
    • ... etc. etc. etc...

And it is true that we have often heard famous artists say, after 20 or 30 years of career, that stage fright never left them, but in the long run they got used to it, with time.

That's usually when somebody quotes Sarah Bernhardt and her famous reply to a young artist who boasted never to suffer from stage fright: « Don't worry my dear, it will come along with talent! ».

A conference: how to get rid of stage frigh


One day I was giving a lecture in a big conservatory's auditorium and on the entrance door you could read a sign in big letters saying: « Michel Ricquier - Lecture on How to get rid of stage fright ».

I had hardly started, that a person in the first row raises a hand to ask a question.

I was kind of surprised, for I had made my usual announcement that at the end of the lecture, we would have a Q & A session, but anyway I stop and invite her to ask her question.

So this lady stands up and declares:

« Sir, I am a professional singer and I really do not understand why you want to rid us from stage fright! I truly need stage fright, it's essential for me and many artists: it gives us a boost to perform much better on D day, than during rehearsals! ».

Hmm... so I could have answered:

« But Madam, if you do not want to eliminate stage fright, you should not have entered this room, since it's clearly written on the front door "How to get rid of stage fright"! »

But, of course, I did not answer that way and just said:

« I perfectly agree with you, but we are just not talking about the same thing, we are not talking about the same stage fright!

You are thinking of the small emotional extra, that will help you perform better in front of an audience, than in rehearsal.

I am speaking about the real stage fright! A fright that will provoke such unpleasant symptoms (...(tels que les tremblements, les palpitations, la boule à la gorge, la boule à l'estomac, des douleurs abdominales, le manque de salive, les mains moites, la confusion mentale, les trous de mémoire... etc.) that you will lose 50, 60 and maybe even 70% of your capacities!

This kind of stage fright will certainly not make you a better performer, on the contrary, and I doubt that one person in this world really wants to keep it, or experience it ».

Our lady singer actually agreed with me.

Indeed, we often confuse this little positive emotion and true stage fright.

I often heard actors, and famous ones, claiming that after 10, 20 or 30 years of doing their job, they still had stage fright like on day 1, but that they got used to it with time...

I can assure you that if they were talking about the real thing, they would have never gotten used to it. They could never have endured it, neither psychologically, nor physically, for their body would have suffered too much from those physiological modifications on a regular basis and for so many years.

I, too, I have long suffered from stage fright!

Therefore, I know how frustrating, depreciating and difficult to live with it can be, both physically and psychologically

Personally, I was sometimes incapable of joining a conversation, even in a small group, simply because there were a few people in the group that I didn't know.

At the start of my carreer, I was involved in school projects and I can still picture myself, completely panicked at the idea of being alone with my trumpet, in front of 25 schoolkids and their teacher, and having to present my instrument and play a couple of small pieces!

If at that time I would have been told that I would, one day, give lectures (already there I would have thought: dream on...) but on top of it, lectures TO EXPLAIN HOW NOT TO SUFFER FROM STAGE FRIGHT, then I really would have considered it pure science-fiction!

And yet, I played many concerts, I hosted numerous conferences and gave courses without any unpleasant symptoms, on the contrary, I truly was able to enjoy those moments of sharing.

Talking live on the radio? Unthinkable !!!

I was lucky and honored to be invited by Gaëlle le Gallic on France Musique Radio, to present my books, speak about about my pedagogical approach, during 4 programs lasting an hour each. And I did it again on other local radio stations...

But before, I would never have accepted to "speak live on the radio"! I could not have uttered two words, answered questions, without a huge lump in my throat, without being mortally afraid of stuttering!

Honestly I could never have imagined that one day performing in public would become a pleasure for me, instead of suffering greatly from this dreaded anxiety.

What a joy to be totally free from such a burden. A real life-poisoning plague that makes us feel devalued and frustrated, that undermines our self-confidence more and more every time and that generates anger (since we know that we should be able to perform well).

You have probably tried to argue with yourself that stage fright is unnecessary and harmful, that it deprives you greatly of your abilities, that you have all the qualities to succeed, and that this cursed stage fright is an obstacle to your success!

It is very annoying!  I understand you!!!
We are well aware ... that stage fright is a hindrance to success!

You have to know that


It is therefore useless to reason in this way as it will always be totally ineffective.

I suggest you watch this short 3mn video from the training, explaining simply the reason for their inefficiency.

So we have to do it differently and I will give you the means.

I assure you that stage fright will only be a bad memory because I suggest a method that, as I like to say, "cannot not work". And when I will have given you its very simple physiological explanations, you will be convinced. But you will be even more convinced when you will have put this method in practice!

When I see that students have missed exams or important competitions because of performance anxiety, or that professional musicians at a very high level (I have met a few in my workshops) are ready to quit their concert career for the same reason, it saddens me a lot because I know that their problems can be solved very quickly and easily.

You can free yourself from the limitations you may have unconsciously created.

The HPS™ integrated in the PANEP™ allows you to change your "beliefs" to free yourself from the limitations you have unconsciously created. 

There are 3 basic elements concerning these beliefs:

    • The way one thinks about a difficulty is more important than the difficulty itself;
    • The spirit in which one approaches a problem is more important than the problem itself;
    • The "intention" prior to the performance of an action is more important than the action itself.

Beliefs generate behaviors.

A study by David Whitehouse, published by the American Psychological Association demonstrates this.

« 148 British students were split into 2 groups. Half were told they were getting vodka and tonic and the other half just tonic. The research was carried out in a bar-like room equipped with

  • bartenders,
  • vodka,
  • bottles,
  • tonic bottles,
  • glasses

In reality, none were getting alcohol. The researchers had replaced alcohol in bottles of spirits, beer and wine with a simple tonic.

The bartenders prepared the drinks as if they were indeed serving alcohol and the subjects became slightly drunk.

Their bodies generated the neural signals and neurochemicals leading to behaviors seen in intoxicated people, simply because the students believed they were drinking real alcohol.

"When students were told the true nature of the experiment at the completion of the study, many were amazed that they had only received plain tonic, insisting that they had felt drunk at the time", commented the researcher before concluding that "it showed that even thinking you've been drinking affects your behaviour." »

This experiment demonstrates the power of a belief.

Because you are frequently (or constantly) feeling the effects of stage fright during performances, this has become "your belief" (not necessarily conscious) and it generates this behavior.

I can tell you that being able to change your beliefs will bring you great self-confidence in all domaines.

Traditional methods of education and learning have their limits.

Despite all the efforts you have made so far, you have too often not achieved the desired results. This is normal. The reason for this limitation is that these traditional methods favour the body and not the brain.

In any learning, when performing an action for the first time, we create a connection between neurons in our prefrontal cortex (the seat of the brain of various executive functions, such as language, working memory, and more). Through repetition, we consolidate and transform this thin,tenuous, fragile neural wire into a big, strong and resistant rope.

The same process occurs of course when we work on technique (instrumental, vocal, or physical...).

But let's not forget one important thing: the brain makes no difference between a situation imagined mentally or experienced in reality.

Mental work (an important part of the HPS) will therefore replace the "STAGE FRIGHT" program on our hard drive (the unconscious) by the new program "CALMNESS, QUIETUDE, SERENITY ..." by creating or strengthening this thin neural wire.

Hence we will be able to modify the symptoms produced by our autonomic nervous system (tremors, palpitations ... etc.).

Again, the work done here is directly at brain and not body level.

The obtained results with the "Performance Anxiety Neuronal Elimination Process™" are based on solid experience for more than 30 years.

You may wonder why I'm unveiling the SPH and the PANEP just now.

In fact, I have developed them over the years, as a result of personal research and various studies I did after my musical educations.

Passionate about pedagogics and in need of solving my own stage fright, I wanted to understand the problems my students faced and help them improve and master their instrumental technique. I quickly realized the importance of the relationship between the brain and the body in instrumental playing. This prompted me to embark on further studies.

I've studied :

    • Psychology, Hypnosis (graduate of École d'hypnologie et de psychologie appliquée de Paris),
    • Natural Medicine (graduate of The Heilpraktiker Fachschule of Saarrebrück)
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist  (holder of the National Diploma of Traditional Acupuncturist, graduate of the National Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine,(graduate of The Hong Kong Institut of Chinese Acupuncture and the New Medicine Institut of Hong Kong).
    • I also practiced Yoga (14 years) and Martial Arts (Aïkido: 9 years), Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong...

And each time I acquired new knowledge, I always wanted to apply it to instrumental playing and pedagogy.

This allowed me to understand better the relationship between the body and the brain and to find ways to become much more efficient thanks to a better comprehension of learning processes and mental functioning.

Fréd Mellardi

« In the trumpet and pedagogical landscape, Michel Ricquier holds a special place.

Beyond the work that requires the learning and the practice of a musical instrument (whatever it is), Michel Ricquier understood that it was especially necessary to try to understand as best as possible the different functioning and balance of the body, of the brain, of the mind ..

His solid and impressive knowledge acquired throughout his career, makes him today an outstanding master and we no longer count the musicians he has already helped...

I am always struck by his thirst to learn and to stay informed of the progress and discoveries made in neuroscience for example, which he continues to share through his website.

On my side, I regularly use his work, either for my students or for myself...

Thank you Michel, With all my friendship »

Frédéric Mellardi
Principal trumpet of the Paris orchestra,
Professor at the "Institut d’Enseignement Supérieur de la Musique” (IESM) of Aix en Provences.


« Thank you to Michel Ricquier and his training to overcome stage fright. A real solution to this problem that sometimes prevented me from accepting beautiful projects.

This training guided me, I managed to quickly and efficiently overcome my anxieties before and during concerts.

I recommend this training because it teaches us that the solution is within each one of us, that it is accessible. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. »

Laëtitia Lenck
Piccolo solo at the Marseille Philharmonic Orchestra,
Membre du duo Alcé.


« I have often spoken of MICHEL RICQUIER and the spectacular results achieved by his methods, that are so simple to put into practice.

Many of my former students can testify to this. The techniques devised by Michel RICQUIER have opened news paths for them, allowing them to enjoy a more positive and favorable career, as well as improving their quality of life.

I PERSONALLY benefited from it and my career was also very positively affected.

I really want to make this training known to as many people as possible, for it has transformed the lives of those who have followed it (... and I am well placed to talk about it!).

Thank you MICHEL for allowing us to acquire a form of serenity, necessary in our profession. »

Pierre Dutot
Honorary Professor  at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon


« One last chance. That's what I thought when I decided to go live in France.

I had very little self-confidence and began not to love the trumpet as much as before, that's what led me to move to a different country.

I can assure you that the videos of the great Michel Ricquier absolutely changed my life. Not only professionally but also personally.

100% RECOMMENDED! For musicians and non-musicians.

This was without a doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made in my life. I am really delighted to have benefited from these two trainings: "Get rid of stage fright" and "Improve and master the instrumental technique"!

Trust in myself, trust in what I do, seeing things from other perspectives, also helped me obtain my trumpet degree today. I have worked in incredible places and have taken the step to change country again and leave my comfort zone. I can only say THANK YOU »

Estefanía Guerrero Simón
Spanish trumpet player


« I allow myself to send you this email because yesterday I had a superb brass band rehearsal.

As you know, for some time now I've had major problems with stage fright when playing the flugelhorn in the presence of others, even in rehearsals... and I suffered enormously from it.

If I dare to use the past tense (I hope it's not too soon), it's because thanks to your advice and the training course, which I have almost completed, I have been experiencing a renewed sense of life for a few weeks now.

What a remarkable change! I have good sensations again and enjoy playing with others. The sound, the vibrato, the sustained phrases...

Yesterday was fantastic, almost unbelievable for me. I almost called you when I got home, I was so delighted.

For me, victory is already here, and I am certain that this is just the beginning. I believe in it.

We're preparing for the championship in January, and I'm confident and highly motivated because I will continue to follow your method, and everything will go well... I sincerely believe in it.

So, already today, I want to extend a big thank you to you, Mr. Ricquier. You have become a mentor to me, and I am experiencing life again thanks to you.

I will be sure to get back to you to tell you about the next events. »

Julie Delarue
A passionate musician

« First of all, a huge thank you for your training that has changed my life as a musician and teacher, without any exaggeration!

One can get rid of stage fright and make enormous progress (technique, velocity, precision, endurance, memorization ...) thanks to the methods and techniques devised by Michel Ricquier.

I have accepted professional assignments that I would never have accepted before, I now enjoy my concerts and my relationship to the public has changed.

It is thanks to you Michel if I am at ease in public today. I did not think I could ever say these words or enjoy this feeling of performing with pleasure and delight.

I can only advise everyone to embark on this journey and thus open a field of possibilities, musically, technically and also beneficial for the inner well-being.

A thousand more thanks for your availability, your benevolence and kindness, which are only equaled by your skills. »

Christophe Landoz
Musician and teacher

« I contacted you recently to tell you about the benefits of your training on my stress!

Indeed, I has allowed me to decrease my daily anxiety and increase my self-confidence.

I was delighted to have completed this training, which has radically changed my thinking about challenges such as concerts, speaking in public, exams etc. »

Myriam C.

« My friend asked me last Friday night if I could play at his daughter's wedding on Saturday. I declined the offer: too short a deadline, too difficult for me, too scared to do it!
I spent the night doing your training and on Saturday morning I told him I was taking the risk. I played in front of more than 100 people...

Saturday night, the bride hugged me with tears of joy!

Camille C.

« After many failures due to intense performance anxiety during exams, including my end diploma (DEM), I decided to inscribe to your online training, after discussing it with Pierre Dutot. He assured me I was going to be "transformed", and I can say today that it is true!

I want to thank you for this training, being in a complicated phase of my musical studies, it has allowed me to breathe again. I have been able to put this method to the test several times at it has always worked perfectly.

Thank you very much. »

Martin G.

« I want to thank you for the quality of your training...
Thank you also for your answers and personalized advice when I told you some of the problems I faced during this year.

Having taken piano lessons (accompaniment + chamber music) at the conservatory, I think I would have stopped without your help.

At 73, I'm still very motivated to progress and appreciate the pleasure of making music. »

Bernard G.

Hundreds of musicians have solved their stage fright problem
for good thanks
to this method the effectiveness
of which is
demonstrated and proven by neuroscience.

This applies to all levels:
amateurs, professionals, students, teachers
and high-level performers.

During all these years, I have seen the excellent results achieved by numerous musicians who have followed my training. It encourages me to make these methods more available so that other musicians like you can benefit from them..

By being completely free of stage fright, you will be able:

    • succeed better in your performances,
    • obtain the necessary diplomas for your profession and succeed in orchestra auditions, interviews for teaching positions etc.,
    • perform more often and seek opportunities instead of being tempted (often unconsciously) to avoid them!
    • get excellent press reviews,
    • strengthen your professional network...

It will change your life! 

No more frustration!

  • You will acquire great self-confidence and as a result more serenity.
  • You will perform in concert with confidence, pleasing yourself and your audience.
  • You will pass your exams and competitions with serenity.
  • Your colleagues will see you differently, as a trustworthy performer, somebody they can rely on.

    And believe me, this is not only reassuring for you, but very reassuring for them too…

to help you if necessary, to answer your questions
or to give you additional information if needed


As I am passionate about all these neuroscience related topics  (brain function, mental power, learning processes, neural plasticity etc.), you can imagine that I continuously train and read relevant scientific books and publications.

After creating this new kind of video-training, I realized that this area is in constant evolution so I would like to give you access to the latest knowledge. You will therefore automatically receive relevant and interesting messages, articles, audio or video files to complement the training.

Today, after all these years of practice and teaching, I can assure you of one thing: if you do nothing about it you will be continually confronted with this problem of stage fright, and it will become a source of constant frustration for you


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