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Save endless practice hours while improving and mastering your instrumental or vocal technique

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Get a reliable technique

While you're spending an inordinate amount of time working on your technically difficult excerpts, trying to improve them through tedious, laborious and unfortunately not always effective work, neuroscience and brain plasticity are revolutionizing the field of health and teaching.

Hundreds of musicians, amateurs, professionals, top-level performers have already achieved spectacular results thanks to this method based on the plasticity of the brain.
You will gain great self-confidence that will empower you to do things you can not imagine being capable of today. You will discover unsuspected new skills.

You are going to be surprised by gaining a technique that is 100% reliable, regardless of your instrument, regardless of your level.

What you are going to learn...

  • The power of mindset...

    You'll discover new possibilités you never knew existed.
    For example…
    If you think that a musical passage is difficult to play or to sing, your brain will send to your nervous system specific messages that will prevent you from performing this passage correctly, even if you have the physiological abilities required to play it with ease.
    And it's important to know that this happens so that you're in line with your beliefs (hence the importance of beliefs).

    Imagine the satisfaction of having been able to push back your limits, to the point of easily achieving today what seemed insurmountable only yesterday.

  • Things only exist in relation to the idea we have of them

    You'll learn how to change your "beliefs" and free you from the limitations that you may have unconsciously and unintentionally created (limiting beliefs).

  • Best mental attitude facing a difficulty

    This course will give you the means to use your will in an effective way in order to overcome your difficulties. You will succeed in playing more difficult passages simply by using your will wisely.

    Here is yet another tool that will lighten your work and thus bring you the satisfaction of seeing real progress.

  • The Inner work

    You will discover that Warm-ups can be dangerous, and the S.P.H. will enable you, when you wish, to benefit from a warm-up that is both as short as possible and as effective as possible.

    Imagine the joy and pleasure in realizing your progress and discovering that you can always enhance your technique (up to the peak of your abilities) through this mental strategy.

  • The pedagogical bases

    Pedagogical bases, extremely simple to understand and put into practice, further develop this Holistic Pedagogical System™. They will allow you to acquire great reliability: you will never be afraid to spoil any difficult passage during your performances. This new feeling of security will bring you an inner calm.

  • How to solve sight-reading problems

    There is one point on which everyone agrees: to sight-read perfectly, you just need to read the music sufficiently in advance in order to anticipate all the difficulties.
    However, to read in advance, you just need to read faster than the tempo, whichever it is.

    Taking into account his discoveries and working according to his directions, you will be able to increase your reading speed by at least 30%, or even double it.

Here's What You Get Today...

  • Lifetime access to the training material (22 videos)
  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee - No questions asked.

My name is Michel Ricquier,
I am a professional musician and acupuncturist.

At 18 I obtained 2 first prizes at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris and at 20 I got the C.A. (Certificate of Teaching Ability). After that I immediately started teaching. To solve the problems that my students were facing and allow them to improve and master their instrumental technique, I quickly realized the importance of the relationship between the brain and the body in instrumental and vocal performance.

Further studies in psychology, sophrology, traditional Chinese medicine allowed me to open an acupuncture practice a few years later.

I also practiced Yoga for 14 years, Martial Arts (Aikido) for 9 years, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kong...

And each time I acquired some new knowledge, I wanted to apply it to instrumental playing and pedagogy.

This is how I developed
the « Holistic Pedagogical System™ » (H.P.S.) and
the « Performance Anxiety Neuronal Elimination Process » (P.A.N.E.P.),
Two methods that enable instumentalists and singers
to improve and master their technique,
while eliminating stage fright completely and forever

I finally understood why, despite all my hard work, I was still finding a way to make wrong notes…
I've re-examined all my work and I'm approaching my old pieces differently, as the "bad habits" have been in place for a long time, so it's a bit tedious.
But the pieces I've completely finished, with real solid foundations, sound so different!
I'm no longer afraid of the part that's going to get stuck in my head from the start and prevent me from really expressing myself.
Well, I'll stop here, because I've got so much to say about your videos, I'm in danger of writing a novel! 😉
I can't thank you enough for this gift!

Since learning about your work, I've been happy to be able to use my potential freely, thanks to you.
I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that the subjects you cover are, for me, essential and fundamental. They should be part of every education, and you convey them with great clarity and accuracy.
Your work opens up and broadens human consciousness,
Bravo for what you do!

I follow your online courses with delight! I'm a pianist, but above all a professional opera singer, and I've already seen the incredible results that mental work can achieve!
I just wanted to thank you for these courses which are very useful to me and very well done! THANK YOU!

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Special Offer...

Save endless practice hours while improving and mastering your instrumental or vocal technique

Get instant access to the "Improve Your Technique" online course for only $247 $67 

When you enroll in the next:

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